The piggy bank from your childhood, reinvented for your kids!

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The future of parenting is here! Teach financial and good personal habits to your kids in a simple, stress-free way. Good Good Piggy will not only be your child’s personal digital piggy bank but also motivate them to do their daily tasks by rewarding their independence and sense of responsibility.

How is Good Good Piggy Different?

Hassle-Free Activities

Simply choose from the lists of recommended activities and videos that can help you train your kid until they are simply Good Good habits.


Curate a video playlist for your child and ensure only pre-approved spending as well as establish spending limits.

Easy Shop

Set and shop your kid’s goals directly from the Good Good Piggy app and checkout using either your e-Wallet or your kid’s Digital Piggy Bank via collected rupees. All in just one app.

Video Garage

Video Mix which enables you to provide a video platform that you control and your kid can collect coins after watching as their reward.

Star Assistance

An exclusive 24×7 feature that enables you to seek guidance from child-development experts to identify the amount that you should be linking with an activity and to help you choose the activities for your child.

Why do you need Good Good Piggy for your Kids?

Raise good good kids

By having a fun way of building habits and financial skills at an early age through daily missions, achievements, and reward-based systems.

Interactive Financial Literacy

By rewarding your child for every finished task, it teaches them the value of hard work and earning, while building habits that sustain over their lifetime.

Engaging Financial Management

By enabling them to earn, save, spend and invest, kids learn crucial money management skills as part of their basic habits.

Collect Blessings Digitally

By simply scanning their QR code, grandparents and uncles and aunts can send their gift digitally and contribute to their savings.

Download now and experience Good Good Piggy app with your kids!


Why do many parents trust Good Good Piggy?

Developed by Experts

Good Good Piggy is a smartphone application, developed by the collaborative scientific participation of renowned child development psychologists and finance heads to ensure your kid’s holistic cognitive development.

Effortless Financial Parenting

Good Good Piggy enables your kid’s financial learning while inculcating good habits in them. This helps establish a sense of security towards your kids' future and be proud of their progress. Good Good Piggy also helps them realise the importance of investment and charity.

The 'Video Garage'

Video Garage is a video mix which enables you to provide a video playlist that you can choose and your child can earn set rewards by watching.

Parental Control

The parents' login is separate from the kids' login. The parents login has all the admin controls to choose activities, set rewards, pre-approve spendings and curate videos while ensuring kids feel empowered on their login of the app.

Digital Welfare

Good Good Piggy cares about your kid’s digital welfare. You can set a Screen Time on your kid’s app to control the screen time and ensure more family time.

The future of parenting about financial literacy and building good habits for kids.

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Good Good Piggy enables UN SDGS

By promoting financial literacy and inclusion, Good Good Piggy targets itself as an enabler of 8 Sustainable development goals set by the United Nations

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The world is slowly becoming cashless so it makes more sense to teach financial skills and values in the way that our children will see and use it in their lives. We want them to be able to practice what they learn and reap its rewards.
A study from Cambridge University confirmed that basic money habits and other behaviours associated with money are formed by the age of seven. Concepts like delayed gratification and impulse control are better the sooner they are taught. Good Good Piggy is designed for kids aged 4-14 so don’t worry about that. We have designed the app to be kid-friendly.
We understand your concern. But in a nutshell, the result would be quite the opposite! Research has proven that kids are naturally curious about money and the way it works. We want to teach them in a positive and affirmative way. Our team of leading child psychologists helped us build an application whose goal is not just teaching about money but also the value of it. We want to teach saving and investing in easy-to-practice ways as well as values like patience and accountability.
According to a study done by Cambridge University, basic money habits and behaviours associated with money are formed by the age of seven. This is why it is important to teach good financial values as a foundation for their future choices.
Physical money and digital money do not often promote the same spending behaviours. Since money is becoming increasingly digitised, it is important to teach children money values in the form that they will use it most often. We don’t want to teach offline behaviour that they will forget to use in digital transactions.
Good Good Piggy helps transform your child’s life, by inculcating excellent habits in your child for life! For instance, Good Good Piggy lists down “missions” for the day. The parent can choose to reward these missions as well as consistency in completing daily missions. By reiterating these everyday tasks and chores, Good Good Piggy emphasises their importance and makes the child accountable for completing them as well as giving positive reinforcement for such behaviour.


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